Subsidence/Deformation Monitoring

 Huge experience in this field through large organisations for well over a decade now has seen PMC Surveys grow to be one of only a few experts in this field.

Monitoring structures and buildings of any size and shape can be challenging to say the least. Working in the different conditions this kind of work usually imposes we can come to a solution to suit the clients specification.


Channel Tunnel Rail Link (Contract 342)

PMC Surveys had the responsibility of managing and implementing a monitoring network throughout an area in Kent for the construction of Channel Tunnel Rail Link between 2000 and 2004. Monitoring 2D movement, which included structures such as Pylons, Gas Compounds, Water treatment works, Electricity sub-stations, Highways, Bridges, Tunnels, Factories, houses and commercial premises. It offered us our grounding and basis to build from with our future monitoring work. Without this contract, the company wouldn’t be where it is today. We were able to distinguish between genuine movement and seasonal variations in the ground and our understanding slowly developed deeper. We worked in close communication with engineers, consultants and experts in varying fields in this contract.


National Grid

We currently work closely with National Grid all over the country (South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Berkshire and Northamptonshire) on numerous AGI (Above Ground Installation) compounds providing monitoring and analysis in 2D and 3D format. Our work with National Grid doesn’t stop here. Our services are engaged in maintaining a monitoring system in various locations through high pressure gas transmission network routes. We provide predictions and analysis on these works through coal mining areas and are able to complete this movement monitoring in 3D.


 The Coal Authority (Nationwide, Wales and Scotland)

We work extremely closely with The Coal Authority providing tilt analysis along with 2D and 3D movement monitoring through subsidence zones. This work is highly sensitive in many cases and a highly professional attitude at all times is paramount. This relationship is over 12 years old now and our persistence to continuously be successful with our contract tender shows our ability to maintain customer satisfaction and our ability to deliver results our clients can rely on. The variety of sites where our services have been employed is so vast it would be difficult to quantify. Some examples of the types of sites we have worked on are chemical plants, residential estates, single residential properties, commercial units, highway networks,  churches, drift mines, slope stability (natural and pit tops),  airports, terraced housing, tunnels and schools. We also focus our works in areas where no mining records exist and we are able to differentiate between areas of stability and areas of movement. Each site we visit is unique and requires varying levels of accuracy, attention and substance. We evaluate each site on arrival and design a monitoring schedule on this basis after consideration of client instructions and our expertise.



Albion Stone Quarries/Mines, Portland, Dorset

PMC Surveys are the appointed mining surveyors for a stone mine on the South coast at Portland Bill. Part of our role is to demonstrate stability on the surface and underground within the mine to satisfy planners, land owners and health and safety executives. This site obviously provides us with challenging conditions different to above ground sites but it’s through sites like this we learn a deeper and more qualified understanding of the area of works we are involved in.


Hatfield Colliery, Doncaster

A long standing relationship exists between PMC Surveys and Hatfield Colliery and this helps us to deliver results the client needs as we become more aware of our requirements. Monitoring how the ground interacts with mining and seasonal variations throughout the year. This enables our client to understand the impact of their mining on the surrounding residents, businesses and land. Through this channel we have become associated with the Environment Agency in drainage issues as land moves, altering water courses and creating drainage problems.

The above monitoring works is only a selection of the large amount of contracts we have been involved in. We have been involved in other various schemes where our understanding, knowledge and experience have been put to the test in differing environments. PMC Surveys enjoys managing and implementing subsidence and deformation monitoring and we are more than happy to help you with any enquiries or problems this area encounters. If you feel you have a situation where our expert opinions, knowledge and experience could be utilised use the contact us page to take the first step.