Topographic Surveys

 Land surveys are very specific to individual environment and client specification. Our experience can help interpret our clients requirements. If a strict specification is necessary we have the skills and pride ourselves on the quality of our work to deliver results. PMC Surveys have worked in almost all environments imaginable and we understand and appreciate the level of detail and accuracy required for any site/topographic survey. We have found ourselves in the remote areas of Wales, from Dorset, London City, Berkshire, Surrey, Lincolnshire, Bedfordshire, Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Northumbria, Cumbria and Scotland. We will travel anywhere in the country to deliver our work.

Quality being the focus requires the latest technology in GPS systems and Total Station equipment. Our total station (Leica TCRP1201) has the ability to observe remote measurements robotically meaning if land or positions are inaccessible we are able to observe points from a distance. It is one of the most versatile, accurate and repeatable instruments in the world at completing topographic surveys. It enables data capture at high rate of positions in a short space of time and can be programmed to observe distances, angles and coordinates automatically.

This doesn’t take the focus away from the surveyor though and without the intuition and problem solving abilities of the surveyor the instrument becomes redundant. Using the skills of our surveyors and the ability of our instruments we can provide a topographic survey solution for our clients.

Our plans are available in colour and in either, digital or hard copy format up to A0 using AutoCAD software. In all our experience we have never yet been asked to clarify, amend or correct plans from surveys we have produced. Our clients can rely on PMC Surveys to deliver.