As a company based in Doncaster, our services have operated nationwide since 1994. Formed by Peter Munby, building on over 20 years in the mining industry and surveying profession. Providing specialised services to a wide variety of clients. Mining subsidence consultancy was the backbone of the company in its early years.

As the company grew in the 90’s the increase in demand for surveying was apparent. Monitoring and survey contracts formed the direction of the company. PMC Surveys were responsible for advising National Grid on potential ground movements and designing and installing monitoring systems. Contracts on the Heathrow Express, refurbishment of the home of the English National Opera at the London Collesium soon followed as our reputation grew.

A long term monitoring contract was secured in 2002 on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link which enabled the company to grow in size and knowledge. PMC Surveys spent 3 years at Ebbsfleet, Kent responsible for managing and monitoring all structures within contract number 342.

Our expertise in monitoring grew further from this experience and has created the companies confidence and specialised niche in the surveying industry. Throughout this whole time period a strong relationship has existed in formal contracts with The Coal Authority.

Utilising our expertise in 2D and 3D monitoring on varying sites from South Wales through to the North of Scotland.  PMC Surveys are the appointed mine surveyors for 2 mines operating in the stone industry at Portland, Dorset.

A selection of our clients include:
Heathrow Express, British Gas Transco PLC, The Coal Authority, British Airways, Norwest Holst and major civil engineering companies, English Heritage, Stagecoach Supertram (Sheffield), Rotherham Sand & Gravel, Albion Stone Quarries (Portland), White Young Green, Hatfield Coal Ltd.